Video drives sales

Did you know that shoppers are up to 85% more likely to buy a product if they watch a video? Cartcam is a shopping platform that gives people discounts for creating videos about your products, making it EASY and CHEAP to get video content from customers.

Get video content

Cartcam's platform makes it easy to incentivize and collect user-generated video content.

Drive sales on your website

As customers post videos about your products on Cartcam, you can curate and embed them into your website to drive sales.

Upload to YouTube, Instagram, & more

Use the best videos generated on Cartcam to supercharge your social media presence.

Seller FAQS

Cartcam is a platform that lets shoppers buy things at a discount in exchange for creating a video review afterward. It provides sellers with an easy and cheap way to collect and incentivize the creation of videos about their products.

Studies have shown that shoppers are up to 85% more likely to buy a product online after watching a video. But generating videos for all your products can be both time-consuming and expensive. Cartcam makes generating videos around your products dead-simple: just choose how much of discount you're willing to provide, and then wait for the videos to flow in.

Sellers have the freedom to get the most out of the video content that people post on Cartcam. They can download content without a watermark, use our tool to embed it on their website, upload it to places like YouTube where potential customers might see it, or use it in digital marketing.

Consumers download our mobile app, which lets them buys browse products and post their videos. You can check it out yourself by downloading the app here! Listing your products on Cartcam takes just a few minutes, see for yourself by signing up for a 7-day free trial now!

Still got questions? Wondering about fulfillment, returns, payment, etc.? Check out our full seller FAQs or email us at [email protected]

One, simple pricing plan

Cartcam for sellers

$ 49


  • List/sell products on Cartcam
  • Download Cartcam videos
  • Embed videos on your website
  • Upload videos to YouTube
  • Upload videos to Instagram