zeroUV - One Piece PC Lens Rimless Ultra-Bold Colorful Mono Block Sunglasses 60mm (Black)

  • @z
Hey there, I just bought ZeroUV sunglasses right here on Cartcam. Let's check them out and see how they look. So here they are. I think they retail for about $15 and the first thing you'll notice is there's only one piece of plastic in the central part of the sunglasses. There is no rim around each lens and no extra piece for the central connection. There are separate pieces to go around each ear so that gives you kind of a sleek futuristic look. They might be cool or might not. Let's try them on. So here they are tried on. I think they're a little bit big for my face but I don't have a particularly large face so they might fit others a bit better. They feel pretty comfortable. They're not super lightweight but also not heavy. The things that go over your ears are a little bit stiff to move. But I'm sure they'll loosened up over time. I think for a $15 pair of sunglasses it's a pretty good deal if you like this type of look and maybe have a face that fits it a little better. So not like hundred dollar sunglasses for $15 but a good value at what their price is and it does feel kind of nice that there's no rim. I'm just noticing this as my eyes are kind of not forced to view the world a little bit smaller than usual. It kind of does feel nice so I'd say it's not changing the sunglasses game but it's a nice little perk.