zeroUV - One Piece PC Lens Rimless Ultra-Bold Colorful Mono Block Sunglasses 60mm Light Pink 60 mm

  • @joselielois
Hello, today I am here to do review on the ZeroUV sunglasses like you guys can we just take minute. They're all pink, all pink. They're so cute especially if I can get them on. Especially like now for summer. Honestly though I'll probably wear them for all seasons because I'm just feeling them like I just love the pink. I literally wear it with every outfit as you can see I have no pink in my outfit today and I am rocking the all pink glasses. I mean but like I guess not everyone cares though with my looks as much as I do. They are great for the sun. It is literally so bright right now and I drive perfectly fine. Awkward someones passing watching me record but no I'm driving like perfectly fine. No sun in my eyes. I wore them to the lake the other day and they did me so, so, so, so good. So yes of course five stars. Great for the appearance and also great for what it's made for to block the sun and the haters. No I'm just kidding. No but five star product. You guys need to try it for sure.