zeroUV - One Piece PC Lens Rimless Ultra-Bold Colorful Mono Block Sunglasses 60mm (Black)

  • @eqeurope
Hi there, I'm giving you this review on these zeroUV rimless one piece glasses. As you can see they are rimless, they are one piece. They are they're pretty good actually. See there there's no rim there just just one piece cut out of I think polycarbonate. They're pretty stylish. They fit my face really really well I think anyway. I use them all the time. I've dropped them eight million times they haven't broken. They have they have gotten a couple of scratches on them. But you know that's some pretty rough with them. So you know from from considering you know how rough I am with them they're they're not that bad. I say they're pretty tough. I get a lot of compliments on them and I would say that I would recommend these glasses. You can see they're pretty nice. They do well with driving and just just looking cool. Got to be cool.