zeroUV - Emerald Light Effects Geometric Prism Kaleidescope Glasses Clear Kaleidoscope 53 mm

  • @joselielois
Hey guys so today I'm going to be doing a review on the ZeroUV Kaleidoscope Glasses. They are so freakin' cool. Like have you ever seen a pair of glasses like this? I think not. So although these glasses are very, very cool. I just hate that you literally cannot see out of them like I see multiples of one thing. Things that are blurry and they even like hurt my eyes a little bit. They were a very good price but I would only use them to like decorate my dresser or something because I literally cannot put them on, like I can't see with them on so that's a big bummer. And again these are beautiful glasses and I actually bought them because I had such a great experience with the ZeroUV glasses that are all pink. They are phenomenal and the company is very good because I can tell that these are very good quality as well. I just like you really just can't so I'm pretty disappointed about that. They will make a really cute selfie though but it's not for everyday use at all.