zeroUV - Futuristic Narrow Cyclops Color Mirrored Lens Visor Sunglasses (Black Fire)

  • @jonny
Greetings Earthlings. I am reviewing these zeroUV Cyclops glasses and right off the back you can see that I look pretty cool right now. The problem really is that these don't fit me at all and they feel really uncomfortable. So I think this will be a natural resting position for them and they're not really covering my eyes. In fact there is no real groove that significant enough to know where these were supposed to sit on my face. I kind of got them thinking that maybe they would be like a unique pair of running sunglasses and they're very uncomfortable. They're kind of tight because I have a wider head and I don't know where they're supposed to sit on my nose maybe kind of low like this. Either way I could not see myself wearing these outside of a Halloween costume. They have very little utility in my life. And I would not strongly recommend them regardless of how cool you think I look at this.