zeroUV - Futuristic Narrow Cyclops Color Mirrored Lens Visor Sunglasses (Black Fire)

  • @dakicka42
What's happening people? This is a review for the ZeroUV Futuristic Cyclops sunglasses with one lens so it's kind of the Geordi La Forge Star Trek style or Cyclops, obviously. This is the pack that they came in. Got a nice little zeroUV. To be honest, pretty darn cheap but you can also pay like $399. That's what I paid for them anyway. This is in my opinion, probably a waste of $399 so not only are they kind of awkward looking, if you actually wear them out in public. They sit on your nose like this unless you've got a little dip in your nose. I probably wouldn't recommend them. You look kind of funky if the glasses are sitting up on the top of your forehead. Anyway, I'm going to give this about one, maybe two, out of five stars. Like I said, probably waste my money. Definitely wouldn't do it again.