zeroUV - One Piece PC Lens Rimless Ultra-Bold Colorful Mono Block Sunglasses 60mm (Black)

  • @bryansarnold
Alright so finally I get to do a review of these glasses the UV100. As far as quality I mean to the previous glasses that I had were some BMW's they were retail at three hundred dollars. These are better as far as being able to see clearly outside and you know the sun glaring on me incredible. The design though, awful. Well you know what sometimes I sometimes I'm used to it but now I look ridiculous I think so design wise I'm not I went to their site and it said this was trending but not for me. Sometimes I can I mean like you know I'm not gonna use these in the car so I'm not sure with the design is flat. The flat design whatever. But as far as quality incredible I can see clearly now the rain is gone in. Yes I have to prove quality is the best thing for you obviously this technology is in the glasses whether they offer a so kudos to them. Love it.