zeroUV - Futuristic Narrow Cyclops Color Mirrored Lens Visor Sunglasses (Black Fire)

  • @z
About the ZeroUV sunglasses, right here in Cartcam. They kind of look like the Cyclops or like Frozone from the incredibles. So I thought they'd be fun to wear maybe for skiing or a costume party or something. Unfortunately I don't really love wearing these because I can easily see out the bottom and out the top. And if I put them all the way back on my face they actually look like this. So you can see they don't really line up with where my eyes are. They actually fit me a little better if I flip them over and wear them upside down. Although they look a little weird that way. I could still imagine you wanting these if you wanted to go skiing and look really funky or there was a costume party that called for some sort of Cyclops outfit. But I wouldn't recommend them as everyday sunglasses or an alternative to normal sunglasses.