ZANZEA Women's Sexy Off Shoulder Chiffon Boho Ruffle Sleeve Blouse Mini Dress White

  • @cartisser13
Okay so I have this dress that I got, kind of flowy sleaved, off the shoulder, don't mind the strap. Sorry. Couldn't find my. Stays in put, kind of like that. It's a plus. Kind of see through so you got to be careful when it comes to that. Let's see. Only this it's kind of I don't know it's probably just the style too. It's not something I'm used to. I don't really usually go for things like this. But you know I just said to give it a try and see what it was like, why not. I guess it could be cute if you had like I don't know maybe paired it with like a nice choker or like maybe a flower head band. Not too sure what to do here with it. But I mean we'll see. Maybe I'll put on some boots or something. Kinda go for that kinda thing But again, it is really see through so not too sure. All this is going to work because it is white but we'll see overall I mean I guess it is kind of decent quality other that the thinness. I would say everything else seems to be great about it. But yeah just not really my thing so I can't really put too much input on that. But I guess it's pretty cute for what it is.