ZANZEA Women's Plus Size Chiffon Solid V Neck Cuffed Sleeve T Shirt Blouse Tops White

  • @ashmel09
OK. So, I'm going to be reviewing a really cute shirt that I got. I'm going to show you. OK, so here it is. As you can see it is long sleeve, but you can roll it up and make it three quarters. It has a little thing here, and a place to tie it. I just don't really see myself wearing this just long sleeve and having that pain there, so, I don't know, just keep that in mind. One thing I really want to point out is it is extremely see-through. I wasn't expecting it to be quite like this. It's not necessarily a bad thing, it's good as a summery shirt. Let me see. See, I wasn't expecting quite all of that. But you can wear a cami under it, you can wear, some people have to wear just bralette under it, that's fine. That's really cute. So, first I'm really sure I do like it, it's no hot, it's just blowy, airy. The sizing is nice, it was true to size for me. I like the way it fits on my body, just the cut of it. So, I like it. Like I said the only thing I didn't, or I wasn't expecting was for it to be quite this see-through, it seems like in the picture it wasn't quite like that. But, I do like it, I will be wearing it. So yeah, overall I like it. Also, I want to point out that it doesn't have a tag with care instructions, or a list of materials. So, I would probably hand wash just to be safe. But overall, I like the shirt. It seems like it would be nice for the hot weather because where I live it's really hot. So, I really like it. I think it's nice.