ZANZEA Women's Plus Size Chiffon Solid V Neck Cuffed Sleeve T Shirt Blouse Tops White

  • @jennyk22
Hi, my name is Jenny. This is my first time doing this, but I ordered this shirt, and it's part of the ZANZEA. I think it's in the right collection, and I'm normally would be an extra large if it's stretchy large, but this is actually a 3X, and it just fits me. It's actually almost tight on my arms and across my chest, but it's just fitting me. I really like this shirt. It's really well made. There's no loose strings or nothing like that. It's really comfortable. I really like the style of it. You can wear it with ripped jeans like I am or with leggings, or you can tuck it into your waist band. I really like the fact that you can style it many different ways. I would definitely buy this product myself, even if it was full price I really love this one. Thank you for watching.