ZANZEA Women's Off The Shoulder Split Knotted Long Sleeve Blouse Loose Boat Neck Tie Cuff Top Shirts Black

  • @lyndsemorgan
This is a Zanzea shirt that I ordered from Comecam. I got extra large so it's quite large. I want it to be like larger and flowier here but I kind of drowned in it so I don't feel comfortable showing myself in it. It is off the shoulders. The split sleeve and it comes with ribbons on the end which I think are really cute. So you can tie it in like a large bow to like and the split it comes with washing knots which I thought would be really helpful. Let me try to shrink it or figure something out maybe wear it with tucked in or something I have to figure out how I'm actually use it. Shipping came really fast, it also came with an e-mail so I could track the shipping if you're waiting for for something. It took about 4 days and it is as described. I wish I got a more accurate size for myself. I wasn't really thinking I guess. But I would highly recommend. It looks it's really comfortable too so it's like kind of silky kind of chevrony. But yeah, thumbs up guys. Thanks.