ZANZEA Women's Off The Shoulder Split Knotted Long Sleeve Blouse Loose Boat Neck Tie Cuff Top Shirts Black

  • @alleeee94
Hey, guys. Today's review is on this amazing black blouse that I have on, by ZANZEA. ZANZEA, I don't know how to quite say that yet, but it's okay. My last review was on the same brand. It was a white dress, but I really disliked that product, but so happy that I gave it a second chance, the brand, because I love, love, love, love, love this, and I think the quality is amazing. It's so cute, it's comfortable. Even though it's long and black, it doesn't feel so heavy, especially on these really hot days. So and it looks amazing. The only thing, it's a little baggy so it fits me more as a short dress than it does as a blouse, which is okay because I have options. One day, I can throw in some jeans or some leggings, I can, you know, change it up a little. I love the slit. I don't have any, I don't own any shirt or dress with the slits in the bow at the end, which is awesome that now I do because I will start buying shirts like this now. So yes, five stars, and I would recommend for everybody to buy one. It's nice to have something black in your closet, which I have a ton, but this, nothing like this. So yes.