Wunderbrow Brow Gel, Brunette

  • @jennyk22
Hey guys, So, I am repeating the Wunder 2, the Wunderbrow One Step Brow Gel and this is it on. I have it on and I actually really like it. It comes in this little box. I got shade-- what shade did I get? Brunette. I think I got shade brunette. Brunette, I probably have one set. it comes like this, and it comes with this nifty little girl I think. I order the brush, it hasn't come in yet. But, I got this and it did work pretty well. The brush is like a little paint brush, but I found that doesn't work very well, but I have it on. I really like it. It doesn't -- nothing's on my finger. It's really nice. I think it looks really good. I don't think my eyebrows match, but I really like it. So I would definitely buy this again.