WUNDER2 Wunderbrow Dual Precision Brush 8.5 Gram

  • @jennyk22
So I got the Wunderbrow Dual Precision Brush. It comes in this cute little box. It shows you what it is and it came with a bunch of little things in it, which are really, really cool. I was looking at them, so this is... What happened to my brows? They're not done all my make up is done so I'm going to do it with the Wunderbrow-- with the brush. Let's see how it looked. So, this is before and this is after and the brush makes a world of difference with the WunderBrow, and you can just see the difference and I love it. You could do thicker and make it more looking natural, but I just love how natural and I could do it light or thick or heavy. I really love it, but I definitely recommend having the brush with it. The brush makes a world of difference. This is a space, but it's also the bristles on it. It's amazing, amazing eyebrow brush. I definitely recommend this to anybody.