• @deez
Dannamico here. You might know me as Dees from Jason's review and I'm gonna take you through my whiskey collection. Cheers! This is our big tent. It's a single malt scotch whiskey. I would definitely highly recommend it. It's got that nice smokey taste to it. All around great whiskey. So this is another one from Ardbeg. This is the Uigeadail. Again, it's a single malt scotch whiskey. That whole region is known for the smoky taste. I would highly, highly recommend this one. One of my favorites. This is Keagan. This is from Santa Fe New Mexico so it's American. It's similar to a Scotch. It's light. It goes down easy. Over all, it's a solid whiskey This is Nikka coffee grain whiskey. This is from Japan. It's got a great really light fruity taste. I highly recommend it. It's a good kind of after dinner drink. This is Viki. This is another one from Japan. It's a very solid whiskey. It's lighter not the heaviest flavor but definitely a solid whiskey. I recommend it. This is Glendalough, at least I hope that's how you pronounce it, this is an Irish whiskey. It's very comparable to Jameson. A little smoother than Jameson. I'm personally not the biggest fan of sipping on Irish whiskey. It's pretty solid. It's good for sure shocks. This is Taos lightning rye whiskey. It's a special governor's reserve and usually this is hard to get outside of New Mexico, where it's made, but I got it through a special taster's club whiskey of the month. It's a very solid whiskey. It's a light eat very drinkable Rye. I recommend having it on a lot of ice to go down smooth. As you can tell it, we've had a lot of it's pretty good. This is called Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey. It's a very good bourbon. It's got a lot of flavor. I highly recommend it. It's nice with a little bit ice. It's from Chicago. Filibuster is like great distillery out of Virginia. They make very good bourbon and rye. This particular bottle is actually a mixture of bourbon and rye. It's a special one through taster's club. It's very good. I'd highly recommend Filibuster Distillery in general. This is Tatoosh small batch. This is out of Seattle Washington suburban. It's pretty similar to a bullet. It's got that lighter taste. It goes well with a lot of ice. Overall, I prefer stronger more flavor. I give this one three out of five stars.