WetnWild megaglo Highlighting Gold Bar 34855

  • @jackieannmakeup
Hi guys, today I'm going to be talking about the Wet n Wild MegaGlo Brow. This was limited edition for the holidays. I'm really not sure if they're still available on the Wet n Wild web site but I know they're still available in some drugstores like Rite-Aid, CBS, Walgreens. So definitely check out your local drugstore for the Wet n Wild holiday collection. These are so good as well. All the MegaGlo highlighters and they are so inexpensive for the quality. They're around 3.99 to 4.99 max. So here's what the product itself looks like on the insert. I really love the packaging because I really love the clear lid and it isn't like the gold bar sheep obviously, but it does have a slight out near so you can apply it with that. I think that is so awesome and then these are what some of these swatches look like. the highlighter is literally just like a true gold. It is so pigmented and so smooth and then it comes with a little bit of like a darker peach section in the shape of a star so those are the two colors look like and then just swirled all together. That is kind of the highlight you're going to get in little bit of a deeper gold. Here are these swatches on the back of my hand. So the first one is just the gold alone. The peach star and then the two mixed together. These are pretty subtle. It is more like a glow from within. There are some loose glitter's in here, but it's nothing like too crazy or chunky. So this highlighter is definitely a little bit more of a subtle highlighter on me. I would say if you're my skin tone, a two lighter it's going to be a little bit too dark to give like that bam, like pop in what highlight you're looking for and really reflect off your skin. This does show up on me but I do find myself mixing it or layering it with a little bit of a lighter highlight to get the effect that I want. But if you're medium tan all the way to deep skin tones, this is going to look stunning on you because these gold and peachy shades are just going to really pop off your skin. So that completes my review on the Gold Bar Highlighter. I highly recommend checking this out. Definitely check out Wet n Wild such amazing affordable products and they are cruelty-free and they don't test on animal.