Unisex Professional Slim Business Laptop Backpack, Feskin Fashion Casual Durable Travel Rucksack Daypack (Waterproof Dustproof) with Tear Resistant Design for Macbook, Tablet - Dark Grey

  • @austindoesdesign
Hi there I'm making a video about the wingy unisex laptop backpack. I think definitely at first glance this backpack looks a lot like those really hip Herschell bags just with this kind of. They have a very similar like little patch for branding on here. It's got a small little pocket under the flap that I usually just use for like my passports and I have pencils and pencil stuff, and then I kind of bigger one that I use for notebooks and things like that and then a big laptop bag, which has a little laptop sleeve in it and also a little super pouch that I use for cables. What I really like is it has twho of these kind of smaller outer bags. I usually put an umbrella in here and then I carry underwater. We put that here so those are kind of easy to access. It's kind of really really good like thick material. And I guess, it has this this kind of big flap that pulls everything together with some little metals buckles on it. It's comfortable. It's looks great and I like it. And I've been using it for about a week now and I've already gotten compliments on it. And people ask where I got it and I'm happy with it. It's great.