Unisex Professional Slim Business Laptop Backpack, Feskin Fashion Casual Durable Travel Rucksack Daypack (Waterproof Dustproof) with Tear Resistant Design for Macbook, Tablet - Dark Grey

  • @sergii
Here's the backpack that I just got looks pretty cool. I think I'll give it five stars. Pretty much in every new item and you can see something like that little thing right there but you can easily cut it off. Otherwise, you open it up. Got little magnets right there. Got a couple of pockets. There's a small one for tablet or whatever you want to put in here and there is a big one right there, that's where you put your laptop. Pretty comfy. Got a number pocket inside and another one. Holy moly. You can take a lot of stuff there. Get my laptop in. Goes in the bag. I like these little magnets down. Here you should have it in me. So? Here is I am. I put it on. Pretty comfy. I think is going to be durable unless you bought the plastic ones but material is very nice so let's go to work.