• @zaakirahk
This is the Urban Decay Beach Bronzer in the shade bronze. So this is the deeper one of the two bronzers that they have and this bronzer is actually much different from anything else in my bronzer collection because it's much more natural than my other ones. I feel like a lot of my other bronzers are much darker but as you can see this one is not that dark. It gives like a very faint like natural glow. So I do like to use this bronzer on days when I don't want to be like too bronze but I want like more of like a natural finish kind of glow. And it's compact as you can see it does come with the mirror which is really good for applying your makeup on the go. The only thing I don't like about the bronzer is that it even though it's smooth like to the touch when it applies I don't know if you can tell but it applied a little bit streaky so I had to kind of like keep going over it. But other than that this is a great bronzer and I do feel like you do get a good size amount for what you pay for and I also like that this could almost be a contour shade for someone who's maybe a little bit lighter than me because it definitely has more of like a cool undertone versus like a warmer undertone. So you can pick this up on the Urban Decay website or Ulta or Sephora.com.