totesSignature Clear Bubble Umbrella One Size

  • @z
It's a nasty day in New York City and I'm going to try my Totes Umbrella. Before we head out let's take a look at the structure. You can see it's pretty much hemispherical. Looks like it's pretty tall so it should give us good protection from the elements. So one of the first things I noticed which I like a lot is there's this little plastic coating on the thing that has you open it so you don't have to touch that sharp thing. So far I like the feel of the umbrella. It's not too light, not too heavy. Seems sturdy enough to withstand the elements and it's very windy outside. Every trash can has a few umbrellas in it and there are umbrella's on the street that had just been discarded. You can tell it's pretty nasty outside but I actually wouldn't really know it from here inside the umbrella. Overall it's it's a solid umbrella. I give it four stars.