totesSignature Clear Bubble Umbrella One Size

  • @parwinder
Hey guys, today we'll be reviewing the Totes Clear Umbrella that's available for review on Cartcam. The reason to get this umbrella was I live in Chicago. We do get a lot of rain and a little bit of snow. Little is an understatement. Anyways, I actually had another version of this umbrella already which my wife used. I got it for her as a gift. It's in green so I knew the build quality, the type of umbrella that I was gonna get and I want her one for myself. So I went ahead and opted for the clear version on Cartcam. As far as the umbrella goes it can hold up well in a little bit of wind and could take care of most of the rain even if it's a straight out downpour but I do not think that the construction of the umbrella is good enough to hold strong winds. Last couple of weeks in Chicago have been a little crazy with a lot of rain and if you work somewhere near a lake or somewhere where there is a lot of wind, I do not think that this umbrella will hold. Much like any other umbrella, it will give you a lot of struggle during a windy season. The good part about this umbrella though is since it is a bigger cover up for your body it goes down a lot more than traditional umbrellas. If there is likely less chance of it of flipping up like umbrellas do. Other than that I would think for the price point that Totes was selling it for and the size of the umbrella and the build quality I think it is a recommended buy from my end. Otherwise I wouldn't have got it since I already had one. So yeah, go ahead and give it a try. I would personally recommend it. I use it. I've used it a few times and has held well. That's all for now. Thank you.