Tinkle Women Shaver Eyebrow Razor 3 Pack

  • @zanetashira
So this is the 3 Pack of Tinkle Eyebrow Brow Razors. I usually get my eyebrows started every like two months or so, and in between, I like take care of myself, and I really like using Tinkle Eyebrow Razors. I've used them a lot in the past, but these ones are my favorite ones because instead of having a flimsy little cap on them, they flip open so that you can use them, and flip back so that you can safely travel with them. My only complaint is, which probably my own fault really, is I use them yesterday morning really fast, and I cut myself a little bit under this eyebrow. So they're definitely really sharp, and you should be careful of that, but otherwise, they're really great. I highly recommend them for anyone who likes to be able to clean up their eyebrows on their own, and yes.