Timex Unisex T2P2349J Weekender Watch with Blue and Maroon Striped Nylon Band

  • @john
What we have here is the Timex Weekender Watch. If you're familiar with the statement it is informal, but I like to party. This watch does not represent that. This watch is a hundred percent party. I think that's why they call it The Weekender. The great thing about it though is you can change the straps very easily. You can buy a bunch of straps, they're not that expensive, and kind of interchange them, and sometimes match them with your socks. I know people are into matching with the socks today. I am not doing that. I am actually wearing rubber ducky socks, so that's not what I'm doing. However, you can absolutely do that. The one real drawback is that this watch can tick sometimes, and if you get that on your mind, it can be quite annoying. Overall though, if you're looking for something that is inexpensive, it's only thirty six bucks, and that you can kind of just change it up and wear it on the weekend. This watch would be perfect for you. So not a great all around watch, but great weekend watch though. Great weekend watch.