The Boys In The Boat

  • @michael
Boys in The Boat. It's a book I've been reading. It's about the Washington Huskie's Crew Teammate Man Crew Team admitted its way all the way to the 1936 German Nazi Olympics. Kind of a working class group of boys, not from Harvard, not from Columbia, not from Penn. Kind of tells the tale of the rise from freshmen to JV to varsity, and everything going on and focus on. It's focus on its character Joe Rantz, hardworking awesome dude. He ended up living next door to the guy who wrote the book and just kind of this. It's interspersed between, you know, how Hitler is manipulating the propaganda machine to get ready for the Olympics versus you know, how the boys are, you know, then you know coming from freshmen, and then going to Poughkeepsie to race against Princeton, and then going to California race against Berkeley, and et cetera et cetera, and you kind of like grow up with the boys throughout it and it all culminates with the Olympics, which I'm at right now so it's a good