Taster's Club Whiskey of the Month

  • @deez
Hey Mystery, here viewing Taster's Club whisky of the month. It's a recurring monthly subscription. They send you a new bottle of whisky every month. The one that I did is just the whisky of the month. They send you a variety of Bourbons, Scotch, Rye, Irish whiskey etc. They also have ones that specialize in just scotch and just bourbon. If that's more what you're looking for. The one I did cost sixty nine dollars a month. They hit you pretty good value. It's a full fifth every month, and they, it's nicer Bourbons, Scotches etc. All the whisky they've sent me is really good and they send you a little blurb about the whisky, teach you about the whisky, helps you or find your palate and just learn more about whisky in general. Here are some of the bottles they've sent me, all really good ones. This is an Irish whiskey. This is a Bourbon and Rye mix. This is a Bourbon. This is a Rye.