Sword & Plough Green Signature Tote

  • @sophie
So this bag is amazing. It's really, really spacious. It's a great bag to wear before work because it has a lot of space for your gym shoes, your book, all the things you would need on the subway, and has these amazing pockets for your phone, and you could put your keys in the front; so you don't have to go fishing in the bag for your keys. The other great thing is that it's a waterproof. So obviously, you don't have to worry about it getting wet when you have an umbrella and it's like sticking out at the back with the umbrella. And it's also just a really nice color, you can wear with really anything. It's like, it's nice green matte color that you can wear really anywhere so, and also it does seem like it could be a great beach bag too for like weekend trips and just an all around great bag.