Sur La Table Smoke Pucks SR8777 , Set of 2

  • @cartisser13
OK. So you got these. Stainless steel smoke pot instead of two. This is the way it looks. Haven't used them yet, so I don't really know what to say about that yet, but seems like a good design. I mean obviously the smoke will get out, but it'll keep the wood there so pretty cool, pretty cool. It seems well so it will be easier to clean, keep clean. I could show you. A little difficult. Get up. So there. That's them. Two down. Nice. I have to get a much try. difficult if they're working not yet, but yup, but they are pretty nice. I clean for in this look. In this games, I'm really not worried too much about the because that's the way they've been designed. I'm pretty sure they will work and they're saying there's still so a clean will be easy and yeah, nice.