Supertooth Freedom Black NFC Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset/ Headphones - BTFREEDOM

  • @kori
So these are Supertooth Bluetooth Ear Phones. These are I give this five stars, they're great for running, you just hook it up to your cell phone. They have the power button on here you just have to hold it down. The volume button. You charge it right here at last like I don't know lasts like a month it's really longer, longer. And then it like cancels out noise. I can't even hear anything else but my voice when I put them on, but also like if you want to turn it off you just click the side of it and will turn off. Quality I've had these for like years. They're super high quality and they don't like bounce up and down when you run and they're they're great on your ears because they're made with this material so yes five stars. Supertooth.