Stormchaser - Black & White. American Made Lightning Bolt Dress / Casual Socks

  • @joel
Checking in a review of my Stormchaser socks. Couple of great things, couple not so great things about these. Firstly aesthetically, they're straight fire. Okay, lightning bolts, they look incredible. They're perfect in a work setting. I typically wear my Allbirds to work. But even if I had dress shoes on their black base which is good goes with most dark pants and the lightning bolt just adds a bit of flair. Not so good though. They're not really thick. I do like I know they're probably like a dress sock but I do like my socks to be a bit thicker and also they do come up as you can see very high on the calf. It is a full calf height. I typically like a mid calf feel so that's not great but otherwise aesthetically great. Fit and feel wise. It's a nice fabric. I just wish there was more. Wish they were a bit thicker and wish they didn't come up so high. It is they are quite high.