Stormchaser - Black & White. American Made Lightning Bolt Dress / Casual Socks

  • @david
These are my Stormchaser dress socks that I received and I would just wear them for the first time and I actually I usually try to not spend a lot of money on my dress socks because I feel like nobody really sees them and you can get dress socks that aren't expensive that basically do the same thing. So this is actually my first nice pair of dress socks and I have to say it's actually I will probably start getting nicer dress socks because you can definitely tell the difference, they're a lot softer and more comfortable especially when you're walking around in uncomfortable dress shoes all day. So I would say that these are pretty good. They seem like good quality. I'll definitely post a follow up review in a few weeks after I've worn them a few times and see if they're still holding their shape well and that there's no holes. But as of now I would say that they're really good and I would definitely recommend them.