SterlingPro French Coffee Press 8 Cup (1 liter, 34 oz), Chrome

  • @sean
All right so we're going to start with the most important part of making coffee and that is the coffee. I keep my coffee in the freezer. You guys should as well, it keeps it fresher for longer. The coffee that I'm gonna use today it's from was a local store here in New York. It's Joe's Coffee. I think it's great. Anybody who doesn't know a lot about buying coffee. Some of the fun tips that I like to know. The lighter the roast actually the higher the caffeine. The darker the roast, actually less caffeine and then in addition if you're gonna be buying coffee for French Press all you gotta do is pick up one of these bags or get some unground just as you get some coffee beans and your request that they grind it up specifically into a coarse grind which is what they use for French Press. So let's get started. Hey guys, this is a review of the French Press that are currently on and that I've had for about three months. I saw results with this. It's very sturdy. Obviously it's you know somewhat appealing as far as kitchen appliances go. What's great about it it's really easy to clean. These little sips on the bottom can pop off and rinse them out. It's also nice that this guy had a major major canister. This guy will just pop from the frame so you can clean it up easily as well. I think a lot of you guys at home kind of know generally what to expect when buying this French Press. I should also note just that as far as the size of it goes it's good for I think personal use. I drink out of this fun little Adventure Time mug and it's actually a pretty big mug and this French Press will probably give me two full cups so it's good for about a day. I thought I'd get into showing you guys how I make coffee here in my studio and now we're going make some coffee. First and probably the most important part is your coffee beans. Brown coffee beans and you're going to pour them into the bottom of the French Press. I'm not big on exact measurements, I don't use a scoop or anything. I just try to put in enough to coat the bottom and then maybe just a little bit more for good measure. So from that close you can see how much I usually put in and like I said that's good for me it's good for two full mugs of coffee which pretty much all I need for the day. Next you're gonna pour your boiling water. I have some boiling water handy. I don't know if any of you guys live in small space like I do in the studio but I have a separate appliance for boiling water it's really great. I recommend you get one. You're going to pour the water in up until it gets pretty close to the top. You don't want it all the way to the top or else when you put the lid on it might overflow. Afterwards you're just going to