Squarebar Organic Protein Bar Variety Pack of 12

  • @z
I've always been super into energy bars. When I was a little kid, I eat a power bar before every soccer game. It was a while where I was really into Zone Bars like Healthworry Archaea Bars, Cliff Bars, Luna Bars. I really tried most bars, I think. So I found one recently that I really like It's called the Squarebar. This is a chocolate coated coconut flavor, which I think is the best flavor. I've tried four or five flavors. Not great on the nutrition side, but super tasty. Eleven grams of protein. Thirteen grams sugar is a bit much. It's pretty high in fat, but it's mostly the fat comes from coconut, I think, and they say that's good for you these days. So yeah, if you're working out, or just need a snack between meals, I highly recommend the Squarebar. You can get them in packs of twelve on Amazon.