Spikeball Combo Meal - As Seen On Shark Tank TV - 3 Ball Set, Drawstring Bag, And Rule Book

  • @michael
Doing a special edition review of the Spikeball Combo Meal live from the Spikeball Inc. headquarters in Chicago Illinois. Little bit of a ghosty kind of day at the office, pretty slow, but reviewing this product right here, Spikeball Combo Meal. The best sport you may have never heard of. Spike 2v2 cost 59.99. You can get it at Dick's Sporting Goods, get on Amazon and get it at a one of a few hundred smaller retailers across the United States. It's played by two on two beach volleyball. Instead of the ball going over the net, the ball goes off the net to change possessions. Takes an incredible amount of ambidexterity, skill, athleticism. It's also just an insane amount of degenerate fun. This is the the thing that you can play. It comes with backpack. You can play anywhere. Great for little kids. Just really an incredible game. I can't say enough about it and that's pretty much the review. With bonus gift, we have a customer services support specialist dealing with some issues right now. This is Saddas. Have fun. And that's what we got. That's Spikeball HQ in Chicago. Signing off.