Spectacles by Snap Inc. - Black

  • @z
I'm here with the new Spectacles Sunglasses. These are the Snapchat Sunglasses that let you record ten second videos by tapping on the side of them. Let's check them out. I bought these right here on Cartcam, and the first thing I noticed is the packaging is nice. There was a nice magnetic clip to the sunglasses case. Let's read the instructions. So this looks super straightforward, and it's a good sign for the product itself because it suggests that they're taking my experience very seriously. So we just turn on bluetooth, open Snapchat, and point our sunglasses at it. I'll try it and then check back. So the set up process was super simple. It took me like twenty seconds, and they actually recorded one of these ten second videos while I was going through it. The video is kind of cool. If you tilt your phone like this, the video doesn't actually rotate, you just reveal new parts of the image, which they call Circular Video, and it seems like it would be really cool for if you're going skiing, or doing an action sport, or some kind of thing that you might use a GoPro for at the moment, but maybe a little bit more casual. You can judge for yourself, but I don't love the way they look. I don't think I would just wear them around. I would only wear them if I were planning to use them, like if I were doing an action sport, or maybe going to a concert, or something like that. The last thing I want to point out is how they charge because I think it's pretty neat. You simply put the Spectacles in the case, that charges it, and then if you want to charge the case, you hook this thing up, and plug it into a USB, and it's all magnetic. So it's pretty simple. You can check the charge of the case by pressing here on the side. You can see, looks like I don't know how many dots there are but I'll find out after it's fully charged.