So Cute Lip Gloss by Kylie Cosmetics

  • @zaakirahk
So this is the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Gloss in the shade So Cute. The packaging is so cute. I really like it because it's like fun and girly and it's very youthful. So this is what the color looks like on me swatched. It's a really pretty nude like a pale nude shade. But I really wanted to talk about this color because it's very hard for me to find nude lip glosses that don't turn pink or peachy on me and this one does not oh my god this is the best nude gloss I have. It stays like a very pale beige. There's no hints of peach or anything like that. The consistency is not watery at all. It's very creamy and thick. And this is what the applicator looks like. It's not dough foot applicator, it's more of like a paintbrush applicator but I actually think I like this applicator better than a dough foot. It just makes the gloss much easier and much more convenient to like glide onto your lips. This is the lightest gloss out of the three shades. You can find this gloss on for $15.