Spectacles by Snap Inc. - Black

  • @michael
Say I'm reviewing the Snapchat Spectacles. Maybe you know that just got released by Snap Inc., last month I think. We have vending machines, I mean my company actually ordered them on eBay. Secondary market's really the only place to get them, unless you're in L.A. or one of the random places that they release them, but here's the opening ritual. You got this package, these are the glasses, they're really, really slick. You got this charger that you connect to charge the glasses, and then these are the glasses. They're black. They're kind of the exact opposite of Google Glass that they're really sleek. You can see middle schoolers, high schoolers, college kids wearing these socially. They connect right to your phone via kind of a Snapchat QR code, and they're really, really cool sprites and ping pong, and I'm to all office tour. They're pretty sturdy. They're little tight on my face, actually., wish they were a little bit looser, but they're really pretty cool, and you're able to take either SD, or HD depending if you're connected to Wi-Fi videos, and up them, load them automatically to your story. You know they actually don't go directly your story you can kind of take them, and then curate your own story as you go along. But yeah, these are pretty much them right here, and they come with some pretty cool directions, and then when you log into Snapchat it could not be easier to upload them. And I think they run you about 120, 130 dollars if you get one of those vending machines which is pretty hard. We bought them from eBay for i think about $350, so I think we're excited to check them out for kind of some interesting marketing opportunities, and live action, particularly for Spike ball, so we'll see how it goes. But yeah, these are the spectacles, and I think we might be the first people in Chicago to have our hands on one, or at least one of the first handful of people. Spectacles.