Spectacles by Snap Inc. - Black

  • @cwilder
Hello! So I just got these spectacles from Snapchat. It's super cute, overall as you can see I got them in the coral color and they have reflective lenses. So not only are they awesome for what they do but they're super cute you see that little pad on the side and you'll see the little cameras right there and right there. But overall I love these. And I'm usually a glasses snob and I actually don't consider myself the biggest. I'm a fair weather snapchat fan. Like I go through bouts where I love it and then go through bouts where I don't use them much but I love these mostly because I not only get to take videos and send them through snap chat but I also get to save them through my phone. So it's as simple as pressing that. And then I get 10 seconds and then I download to my phone through my Snapchat and it came up warning me that it's going to stop. There we go. And in this awesome case which it charges in and I'll show you. I think you can kind of see it right there. And so it charges in here. And let me just tell you when I actually took these on like a 10 mile hike this weekend and they lasted the whole time. And yeah I came in this cute little box it's like little is that and you're able to charge the box with ends up being kind of like it's charging station. Super simple but overall like whether you are a Snapchat fan or not. These are awesome. I mean A they're adorable. And then B you get video which is to keep through your own eyes. So yeah highly highly recommend.