Shinola Watch

  • @michael
Watch review. Watch this watch review. Shinola, I think I call it. I think it's Shinola. Detroit, made in America. Got this baby about a year and a half ago. Runs you 550 for up without the chronograph. Chronograph, I mean in this day and age why do you need it except for style so I decided against that. Beautiful watch, beautiful watch. Customer service is off the charts. Really obviously simple face, white face. It's big. I'd say it's the only drawback. A little bit big. So, the smaller size is small and the bigger size is big. I think the one drawback is I wish they had something in the middle. Other than that though, beautiful watch, works well. The battery ran out. It broke once, the strap broke once, they fixed it immediately. Excellent customer service, great company, slick watch. Wear it to a wedding, wear it to an interview. Boom. Roasted. Update Shinola watch. Bill Clinton was wearing one of these last night at the DNC speech. They're big, they're beautiful. There's one smaller size but it was too small for my wrist. Recently the battery died and their customer service is off the charts. I sent it in, they sent it back. About two weeks. Fixed it for free. You can get different bands. It's pretty easy to switch out the bands. Looks nice for a wedding, looks nice for business if you work as a lawyer and finance, looks cool if you work for a startup. Very kind of flexible socially and just looks awesome, very sleek. Assembled in America as well, supporting the Detroit economy. Yes just a beautiful watch. I love putting it on every day. Five stars. It is expensive though. It's about $550 so, if you want to pay up over maybe a Daniel Wellington I think Shinola is the way to go.