SHANY - Matte Lipstick - Paraben Free/ Talc Free - Chosen

  • @alleeee94
Hey guys, so today I want to talk about lipstick and how I really like SHANY's collection. This one is Chosen and let me tell you I really like it. I have really chapped lips and these keep it so moist and this doesn't feel heavy like the other lipsticks because I spent 20 bucks on lipsticks all the time and I really I'm really happy with the outcome with this. The only thing I probably give it four stars but only because you do have to retouch it because you know you're eating, drinking etc. And but it's awesome. You go to their straight to their official website and you can get it for seven bucks so I love how it's very economical. Like other makeup products I'm excited to try the rest of the collection. There is one called Want and it's like a pinkish color and I'm really excited to try that one and the more drastic colors but I think these are perfectly like even for like a lazy day you can wear them they don't feel heavy it's very comfortable and I would definitely recommend for everyone to try them out because I'm really going to try the rest of their collection in their make up products so go buy one.