SEIKO SNDF95P1 Men's Chronograph,Stainless Steel Case,Leather Strap,100m WR SNDF95

  • @manvswald
Okay so you're looking at the SEIKO SNDF95P1 chronograph. I think it's a pretty stylish watch. It's got a blue dial with these red accents. Maybe a little bit derivative of the the Tag Heuer Monaco but it's very reasonably priced at like less than $150. The two negatives so I said it's pretty stylish there are two negatives that I think are pretty significant and basically prevent it from becoming kind of an everyday watch go to that I'll touch on. Okay first issue durability. You can see here the bottom wrung in the strap broke off. It's only been a couple of months and I've had this and it didn't take a lot of force to do that. Obviously it doesn't render the watch like useless in any way. I could also replace the strap if I wanted to but it is a nuisance and it might make kind of the watch more trouble than it's worth unless you're really into this style which I'll touch on next. Okay so the style, first of all it's not a small watch 43 millimeters so it might be too big for some wrists but it's also not not huge. I think that the pictures on Amazon make the blue ring on the outer edge of the bezel look a little bit more noticeable and brighter than it actually is in person. So it's a it's a colorful watch but I think that that bit of blue blends in. The one thing I will say is that the red dials do look a little bit cheap and kind of betray it to be a relatively inexpensive watch and $150 and that's kind of something to consider as well and ultimately why I land on three stars.