Scotch Magic Tape 3105, 3/4 x 300 Inches, Pack of 3

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If you have fourth grade, you probably know about Scotch Tape. What you might not know, Scotch Tape was invented by 3M Company, a little mining company found in 1902 into Harbour, Minnesota. Currently in Maplewood and you may take it for granted but Scotch Tape for especially see. Here's what they got Majesty Tape very see through so I remember Scotch Tapes is cool and all but there's only one thing we should know that 3M, the Minnesota mining and manufacturing company for the first hundred years existence and the 3M company since has many other inventions and a hundred thousand patents worldwide. That little reflected things on the yellow lines on the road that has been about 3M, the yellow and green sponges that you keep under the sink. Superglue, yes. You may not know that at all but they also invented a Post-it note on a store there. Anyway, been getting a lot of questions like, tell me a story about the Post-it note. Oh, tell me the story about the post-it note or what's a Post-It note? Tell me more. So I'll obliged. In 1968, a man named Dr. Silver working at 3M was tasked with coming up with one of the very very sticky adhesive and by accident he made a lot of sticky adhesive. They didn't know what to do with it. But a man named Art Fry in the 1970s said, "Let's make Post-it Notes." And they didn't sell at lot at first, but then a year later they figured out how to market it, and ever since 1970s, we have Post-it Notes. That's the story.