ritz-Carlton Denver

  • @carl
What's up Mystery? This is the first hotel review. We're in downtown Denver at the Ritz Carlton. We'll start with the business sound of things. They provide you with a great desk to really spread all your stuff out, get a lot done. Need a little pick me up. There is an espresso machine with three pre-charge favor, flavors. Looking at a little bit more relaxation, you got a nice couch it does pull out, I'd already verified that, there a nice TV to watch the Sox game. Now this is a one bedroom suite, so, we'll head into the bedroom. Good little king sized bed. Not a great view to be honest we're only on the fifth floor but another TV and a walk in closet over there. The real winner now was the bathroom, you got a little dual vanity, great tub, might check that out later. And then I got a little stand-walk in shower. Overall, pretty sweet!