Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (2 sponges in each pack)

  • @ashmel09
Okay so this is the Real Techniques Makeup Sponge, and I got it in the two pack that looks like this. It's a little bit dirty, I'm sorry, I just finished applying makeup with it. As you can see now that I have both of them here. It does get bigger when you get it just like the beautyblender and I'm bringing that one up because it's really what everybody's been using, and what I can really compare it to. So, it's super soft and it blends makeup so, so smoothly. I was really impressed, very surprised, especially because of the price. So, it is a very affordable makeup sponge, but the quality of it is amazing. This flat end is perfect for maybe like cheek area, forehead, those flatter parts of your face, and then the tapered edge, obviously under the eye, right next to the nose. I just honestly, I think this might be replacing my beautyblender very soon, especially for price. No, this is because also my makeup, I mean my beautyblender is kind of old, but I really think that this is going because the quality of it, I mean, it's just so, so much better with this bunch. So, definitely recommend it. Highly, highly, highly recommend this especially for somebody that's looking for a cheaper option. Honestly, cheaper or not, I really, really did like this. I was very impressed, very happy with it. Definitely gets the five stars from me. So check it out, try it out, and I really think that you will be just as impressed and surprised just like I was.