RCMA No-Color Powder, 3oz.

  • @jackieannmakeup
Hi guys! Today I'm going to be talking about the RCMA No-Color Powder. I know this has been super popular lately. Kathleen Lights really got everyone hooked on this, I know now Jacqueline Hell use it all the time. So, I wanted to tell you my thoughts on it. I definitely do like this powder, but from what I've seen people with dry skin love love love this powder and people like me with oily skin are kind of about it. I really really love this powder for sending-- setting underneath my eyes. Underneath my eyes don't really tend to get that oily, if anything they are a little bit drier. So this powder is super light and definitely queues my concealer and place there without getting too dry. But in places like my chin, around my nose, my forehead, this really doesn't set my makeup that well and my oils definitely tend to break through. Another thing that I really don't like about this powder is the packaging. You do get a lot of powder for the price. You get three ounces of lose powder for twelve dollars. But this packaging, first of all you saw how messy that was. And it's just like weird I wish we just had a cap that I could pour the powder into. I either have to pour it right on my brush or it just makes a mess every time I use it. So, I definitely think that they can improve on the packaging and a lot more people would take the time to use this powder. I really, really do love this powder for having in my freelance makeup kit because it is that no color powder. It's not going to leave a white cast and it's not even like just translucent. It's totally no color. It has no pigment at all and it is a universal setting powder for all skin tones. So I definitely think you will love this powder if you are more on like the dry side, if you're looking for something more like, wait you don't really need to set your face that much you just want like a light dusting of powder. But if you're oily, if your makeup tends to break down, if you want something to really like pack your makeup in place, I really, really wouldn't recommend this. My oils, my sweat completely breaks through and it really does not just hold my makeup on that well. But this is really good for baking because it is super lightweight. So I hope my review was helpful and I will see you on my next one.