Pure Fiber Viscose Derived from Bamboo Sheet Set/Queen/Ivory

  • @manvswald
OK. Time to drop some serious knowledge on the good people of Mystery. Average person spends about eight hours sleeping, a third of their life. If you don't know about bamboo sheets, you better learn. Okay, origin story first. I needed some new sheets. Mentally I'd allocated about 15 seconds of my time and about $10 to solving that problem in my life. As is often the case, I left the camera on like an hour later, having spent $100 on bamboo sheets which I'd never even heard of. The number one way to betray yourself as someone that doesn't know anything about a fabric is the talked about thread count. These things are only 250, but don't let that fool you. That's a vanity metric. These things are silky smooth to the touch, they are light, they're breathable, they've got these vibrant colors, and they also don't require batteries. All these sheet sets these days, you need to charge them, they need batteries. These bamboo sheets, no batteries. I guess what I'm saying is, you need to give them a try. Yeah at least one set. Buyer beware. The downside is you can't just throw them in a washer or the dryer. The bamboo makes them sensitive to basically almost every detergent, so you have to be kind of careful. You can't, you should really be air drying them which is a pain, but in my opinion it's a small price to pay to sleep on a cloud like a bamboo cloud.