portable phone charger

  • @z
Hey there I'm going to tell you a little bit about portable phone chargers. So here's a basic sort of like standard generic portable phone charger. Now it's got 2200mAh which is about one phone charge and you can charge your phone here with the USB, you charge it with it's own little micro USB cable so this is a standard nothing great here. There are two ways that it can get better. Okay so this one is called the myCharge and the way that it's better is it's sleeker. So it's very small you can see it fits easily in my hand and it's got its own charger for itself but it's still only 2200. The other way is capacity. So you can see here I've got 4000 that'll charge up about twice. And that really matters. So it's all about storage and sleekness those are the only two things I would consider.