plantfusion chocolate second review

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Want to introduce you guys to my favorite protein these days. It's PlantFusion chocolate flavor. I get this on Amazon for about 30 bucks for two pounds. The reason that I switched to it from Isopure or another Whey Isolate protein or Hydrolyzed Whey or Whey Concentrate is because it doesn't have animal protein and it also doesn't have soy. So I think especially if you're not a vegetarian, if you eat meat you probably get more animal protein than you need and that can be hard on your kidneys over time. So well I think maybe the Hydrolyzed Whey and the Whey Isolate might get to your muscles quicker for recovery in building muscle. This is probably a little more healthy in the long term and that's the stage of life that I'm in I guess at this point. So let's go over to the nutrition facts. You can see that a lot of it comes from pea protein, artichoke protein, amaranth powder. Check them out, pause the video.