Palladio Herbal Lipstick, 0.13 Ounce

  • @jennyk22
So I'm going to be reviewing the Palladio lipstick and it's supposed to be with artwork on it and it's really, really nice. My son is very, very allergic to everything so I'm hoping that this all natural stuff will and I could send not break out. So this is Amethyst and we're going to try it right now. Probably just on my the bottom lip but you can see, it's really nice, and try to make you guys can see this, but it has a nice shimmer on it. Smells amazing. Pretty nice lotion there. Feels amazing on the lip. It doesn't feel like heavy. It feels more like I just put lip balm on but they're definitely color and it smells amazing. You could just smell all the time. Yeah, I very like this. I probably be wearing it a lot and I hope that my son is not allergic so yeah, I would definitely recommend.